It is said that the truth will set you free, but does this apply at all times and circumstances? Is it always right to say the truth no matter what? Sometimes I feel the truth is overrated even though am one person who abhors people who aren’t truthful.

But have you ever told someone something and regretted?Despite it being the truth?

Well I have done this so many times and I always end up hurting myself and others. Wishing I could shut my mouth and walk away for the moment to pass. Unfortunately once you’ve blurted out what you had to say you can’t take back your words, and you have to live with it. This is why I don’t think it’s always appropriate to tell the truth, this is purely my opinion. Before you open your lips you need to take into account the audience to whom you are directing the information to.

For instance, a lady you work with or you like walks in with a new hairstyle. The proper thing to do is to acknowledge that she has a new look whether you think it’s whack or hot. There’s a friend of mine, a dude of course, he never comments on my look or any other female colleague until the end of the day, and even then he’ll only support what everyone else has said. I asked him why. Apparently sometime back he happened to have teased a girl by asking what she had worn on her head. He thought it was a joke but that’s how they became enemies. Also there’s no way I would tell my boss that, that thing she keeps wearing is soo shady instead I allow her to throw me shade, because she’s the Boss. Got it???

It is acceptable to shield loved ones from the truth sometimes. OK so maybe most of the time. It is upto you to know how much info you are going to share. Are they emotionally able to handle the truth? The most sensitive of truths are those related to couples and parents. Do not expect your truth to be received with open arms, if anything you may end up causing more harm to an already bad situation.

I have friends I can tell things to about their better halves and I won’t have to worry about. But most of the time you’ll be branded bitter, envious, devil’s advocate , the list is endless. The easy way out is always to look the other way and let them believe in their form of reality. Maybe, when the time is right and they have found out things by themselves you can come clean but not always. And in my defense, I will say this, we shall overcome. We have come too far to let things spill because of a silly step out, after all man is to err.

Methinks for a truth to set you free you must first feel and know you are not free. If you are in denial the truth will do you no good at all until you accept that what you know could be lies. Furthermore if am comfortable in my world why would I want to know the truth? Especially if I know the truth will not make any difference in my situation.

Parents are very trusting of the children, and my daughter is fond of telling her aunties that there’s nothing I’ll do to her even if they tell on her. Now, while this is not true because my daughter is just playing with their minds, most of the time I tend to take my daughter’s side for the simple reason that she’s mine. As parents we try so hard to gain our children’s trust that we are afraid to probe their truths. In so doing we start building an unhealthy fortress around us and by the time the truth hits home the ship is long gone.

Still there are truths that don’t add value. Like telling me that am skinny, or thin or something like that. I already know that am skinny, am already struggling with it, in fact me and skinny are in a love hate relationship. One time am a Skinny Bitch(SB) and another moment am a victim of SBS(Skinny bitch syndrome). Am sure it’s the same with my sisters on the extreme end of thickness, instead just flatter us. I like this friend of mine who liked to call me model figure, that would light my face up as a young girl.

I believe in half truths and truths that will build a person, a relationship or a business. If it’s purpose is to bring someone down or depress then I’d rather hold my peace. Another thing you don’t just blurt out the truth, you need to learn the art of framing. Choose your words carefully, pick the right time and place.