The Power of Three

Two is company while three is a crowd, or so it’s always been said. I tend to think that three is a powerful number that we tend to overlook. Even our African forefathers knew this when they designed the fireplace to be in the form of three stones. Presently even our modern jikos and modern cook stoves borrow heavily on that.

Looking back from the time I was a child to now I realise that I have always been in a threesome kind of friendship. No, I do not mean the gutter mind kind of threesome as you would like to think though I know that would have been a more interesting tale to tell. Maybe one day I’ll write about that as well, who knows. As I was saying, before I got caught up in your naughty thoughts, I almost always find myself in a triangular kind of friendship.

It’s not something I consciously go out to embed myself onto. On the contrary it’s such a natural phenomenon that we all find ourselves into. Just think about it, look at your circle of close friends, you will find the triangle bond. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses that they bring to the table. I am tempted to use mathematical illustrations so kindly bear with me.

While there are about seven types of triangles I will use only three to illustrate what this analogy is about. There is the equilateral triangle which has equal sides and angles. The right angle triangle has one angle being a right angle, that is to say it is 90 degrees. The other triangle am interested in is the Isosceles triangle that has two sides being equal in size and angles as well.

Just like triangles the threesome friendship can be categorised in different groups. I have attached the above photo that I picked from Google to help you from having a migraine from the mention of mathematics. An equilateral friendship is where the three friends give as much as they receive. Their level of emotional, social and intellectual intelligence are at par, the friends will reach at the same conclusion whether individually or collectively. They have an equal chance in decision making and will seek each other’s opinion to reach an amicable decision.

In an isosceles friendship, one friend always stands out, either socially, emotionally or intellectually. The other two tend to have similar opinions in most matters and the third friend always feels as a third wheel. For this friend to get her way she must put in a lot of effort to sway one of the other two. It also implies that at any one time two friends will always be on one side and at no one time will the opinions be the same.

The right angled friendship is a friendship that is based on one of the three friends being superior in most areas and therefore almost always has the final say. Sometimes it’s about the friend who keeps giving or taking from the friendship. There are friends who at all times suck from the friendship and may even be draining like a tick.

Now that we are done with the boring illustration maybe you want to practically look at your chain of friendships. As for myself I can tell you for a fact that I probably have one or two non-triangular friendships. Otherwise I exist in triangles, in some am a silent follower, in another am thrown into the limelight of leadership while in others am among equals. I definitely enjoy being part of the triangles because I can’t imagine having only one friend. Okay so maybe I can have one very close friend but not the only one.

Let me tell you why I wouldn’t give up my triangles for other kinds of friendships. There’s this girl I know and she tells me she has no friend. When I asked her why, I realised she had put all her eggs in one basket. Friends aren’t angels my dear, and are entitled to mood swings and making mistakes. So apparently she stopped keeping friends because her one “most” trusted friend had betrayed her. Of course am curious to find out how she was betrayed but that will be too nosey of me. All said I do tend to think she’s miserable, as a woman you need a girl to gossip with, another one you can be a kid with and another you can be with when you feel like letting your hair down. In fact the third force is important to restore sense and sanity to the group. If these ladies were three, the third one would have found a way to bridge the gap.

I remember back in high school, my friends, Grace and Maureen had had a tiff, and weren’t talking to each other. At the same time we needed to go watch a play and no one was willing to go alone. The two of them picked me at my place and I was the centrepiece for the better part of the time. Had to make small talk with both without seeming to favor anyone until we picked Dorina, my twin at the time. She and I were assigned the duty of being the voice of reason and this meant we broke into twos. See this is why three becomes very handy, and not a crowd in a bad way.

I know men get annoyed whenever they are trying to hit on a girl who always seems to have her crowd in tow. In such a case you shouldn’t feel intimidated because the other girls have specific roles to play. There’s the one party girl who’s the life of the trio, without her the group is boring and the other girls would be better off staying at home. There’s the polite one, she doesn’t talk as much and when she does it’s about deep stuff like politics et cetera. She may seem to be enjoying the drinks but in truth she’s the group’s guard. She will try to stay sober at all costs and gather what you are all about. Of course there’ll be the girl you are hitting on who you will not figure since today she’s assigned the sweet girl role. As girls we wear these roles as the need arises.

Even the creators of the cartoon series “Powerpuff Girls” knew this and exploited this bond. Some of the best music bands were made of trios, Destinys Child, Spice Girls, The Supreme, TLC and many more. Find a triangle that complements you and build a strong bond. Because many a times one of the three breaks away the friendship of the other two will most definitely suffer.

The Big Chop. Why women cut their beloved hair.

The other day I was talking to two friends and was trying to complement one of them, Judy, on how good she was looking in her new hair cut. Adelaide, the other friend, quickly cut me off,”Don’t listen to her. This one had long hair and just chopped it off. Who does that?” Then turning to me she asked, “Why did you really cut your hair?”

I smiled, you know that kind of smile you pull when you can’t truly answer a question. The smile that says I-can’t-get-into-that-right-now. But I did tell her to get over it, to move on since I had shaved my hair more four years ago and most of the people I now called colleagues could not imagine or believe I could keep let alone grow long hair.

You see, I went to a catholic primary school and the only hairstyle allowed was short and neat hair. I therefore got to start keeping my hair in high school. If you met me either in college or afterwards I would have sworn against all odds that I would never shave my hair. I was so sure that nothing and no one could convince me to let go of my beautiful long hair that i had nurtured to more than shoulder length.

That was until 2012, when fate would have me reconsider my hard stance. Most people think that women cut their hair at the spur of the moment. I’ll have you know that this is not the case, we actually spend a lot of time antagoinising on the pros and cons of shaving. It is not an event my friend, its a process of thoughts, emotions and logic.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”~~~Coco Chanel

When a woman cuts her hair, it’s seldomly because of trends or the fact that short hair will flatter her. No, instead it marks a turning point in her life since it mostly involves something very emotional, unpleasant and most often than not will involve the man in her life. It is also true that the same woman will grow back her hair, healthier and volumnious as she grows into a new relationship and finds happiness. It therefore follows that women will cut their hair in times of strife and stress.

Consider this for a moment, how does hair and emotions relate? The simple answer is that hair represents the feminity and beauty of a woman. It also informs how a woman thinks of herself among other women,how she feels about herself. For doesn’t it say in the Bible that if a woman has long hair its glory to her? Even the woman you think is not beautiful will spend time and money to attain beautiful hair. Women all over the world invest time and money on the hair, in terms of products used and time taken to be styled. We spend on shampoos, conditioners, dyes and all sorts of hair accessories to attract attention from men.This is exactly why for a woman cutting her hair should come as a warning.

It may be explained as cutting off men, recoiling from being attractive, trying to camouflage oneself. Believing that you will become incognito and disappear from the face of the world. It may not be a conscious decision to do so and one may only come to realise it later on deep analysis.

A woman may also cut her hair in her attempt to reach out to her lover. The chop is a hint that something is not going so well in the relationship and a cry for attention. If you are sensible you will look beyond the hair cut and prod for more. If in luck you may be able to turn around your relationship. Rarely will you find women cutting their hair because it was falling of anyway or had suffered damage from over processing and the like. The first time I cut my hair it was because of two reasons. For one i thought if I cut my hair I would be less attractive and therefore command less attention from the menfolk. By extension I expected to afford my Person some reassurance of not being hit on by competition. I loathed long hair, blaming it for my misfortune not realising that my dear Person was insecure for his own reasons. It is true that a woman will withstand a lot of pain and abuse in a relationship but the minute she makes up her mind to walk away there’s no stopping her. This is how i chopped my hair, to signify a new beginning. As an african i should have buried that hair as a symbol of my new journey.

The other reason, that now seems unreal, was the lack of proper hairdressers in my new neighbourhood combined with my new calling of motherhood. When you are a working mother balancing between the self and motherhood can be tricky and most often you let yourself go. At the same time the convenience of short hair can be quite addictive, I should know because I always find myself at the barbershop.

As much as short hair is becoming trendy, what with having people like our very own Lupita Nyong’o donning it, as a man or a mother do not ignore that hair cut. At the very least she’ll be happy that you noticed her.

Adam And Eve

Having grown up in a environment where marriage is forever, for better for worse, I cannot help it but to advocate for reconciliation, most of the time. I know this may sound unbelievable to some of you who think they know me. I hold marriage sacred, after all it is the oldest institution ordained by God Himself.

Gen 2:18 And the LORD God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

I don’t know how to tell people to walk away from a marriage, not without listening to both sides of the stories. No one is a saint, no one is perfect and we must therefore be more accommodative in marriage. You can’t treat marriage as casually as you treat dating, God put a lot of thought in getting Adam a helper, Adam had to give up his rib for Eve. It was definitely no small matter. I do have strong opinions on how men should treat women and vice versa but in marriage I do cut both parties some slack.

I am not a marriage counsellor neither am I trying to play one, I am simply sharing my thoughts. I probably should declare that am single, but not searching, am currently in a complicated relationship with myself. This is exactly why am usually hesitant to point a finger at the institution. It is purely by God’s grace that people sometimes seek my opinion in matters relationship and marriage.

More than a year ago a friend’s marriage came to an end. I could not believe when she told me that she was quitting her marriage, parting ways with a man she once could not live without. It threw a dark cloud in my fairy world of happily ever after. It was saddening, it broke my heart so so much especially after getting the details. For such a young girl she had dealt with so much in her marriage and this educated me on two things. Marriage is an eye opener and takes a lot of work from both spouses on a daily basis. I can not say or divulge details of her marriage because I haven’t asked for consent to share her story. Instead I’ll share from my childhood friends and hope to tie them all up and draw some lessons.

Leah is married to her first love, the new way, where we get babies and move in together and get on with life. In a span of three years she has had three children, between them and her job she’s let herself go and literally has had no time for a social life. Last year in December she heard or learnt that her husband, Pete, was cheating on her. Now my friend knows how to throw tantrums and feats, and on this day she poured her rage on Pete’s phone by smashing it on the wall. Believe me when they said hell has no fury like a woman scorned they were not kidding. I know Leah and honestly Pete was lucky it wasn’t his flat screen smart television. I heard about this incident but overlooked it as a small matter. In February this year Leah’s mum called me telling me I needed to make time and visit her. When an elder makes a request like this you treat it as an order. It shows that they trust you to do their bidding and are humble to bring themselves to your level.

The couple is now well into making it work because of the following things that I shared with them.

Why? It is very important to go back to why you got together. Why did you pick that one person when you could have so many others? Over a cup of coffee I asked Pete why he had picked Leah. And does he still have the same feelings for her? He prophesied his love for his wife and with this I knew we could overcome this current situation.

The come-we-stay syndrome is a disease ailing the marriage institution. Those who’ve had church weddings, you were taken through several counselling sessions to prepare into your new role as wife or husband. And with that you have mentors or best couples who walk with you in your marriage journey. Apart from just walking the aisle with you on your wedding day, these are your encyclopedia and first aiders. Unfortunately a lot of young are approaching marriage very casually deceiving themselves that they can solve their problems by themselves.

This brings me to another issue, ask and listen. I booked an appointment with Pete so we could talk about their separation, and he created the time. Before we embarked on the matter I apologized for poking my nose into their business and gave him the chance to walk away. I must say I was impressed. Pete despite being older than myself wasn’t going to despise me on any grounds many older married folks do. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness.
Another element that usually accompanies come-we-stays are children. The truth is that most of relationships are based on unplanned parenthood. Once we find ourselves in parenting we move in together and start a family. We forget about our individuality and focus on raising the children leading to the partners drifting apart. I shared with Pete the importance of taking time away from the children to reignite the fire between her and Leah. I also reminded Leah that while it was true motherhood had it’s impact on her physique she didn’t have to let herself go completely.

Accept and own your shortcomings to make it easy to resolve them if possible. Pete was very open with him. He was the problem, it was true he had been caught but he wanted to make things right. As a man it is your duty to protect your wife from finding out that you are cheating on her, this shows respect. Don’t go leaving trails everywhere of your indecent behavior for her to clean up unless you just don’t care about your relationship in which case you should just end the relationship.

The most important advice that I gave to Leah was to go back on her knees and pray. It doesn’t matter how many times other people intervene in your marriage God has all the answers. Talk to God, seek to understand His will and let Him into your marriage. Pray for your husband and pray as a couple. Recently I learnt that Pete and Leah have found a church they can both be members of and I was elated to say the least.

The grace of God is always sufficient and in Him there’s peace. The Bible has all the answers about marriage, from submission to love, respect and obedience.

For the singles stop eyeing someone else’s spouse. It is not right, it is sinsful. Don’t let the devil use you to bring down that home.

Mat 19:6 “So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

The Truth

It is said that the truth will set you free,  but does this apply at all times and circumstances? Is it always right to say the truth no matter what? Sometimes I feel the truth is overrated even though am one person who abhors people who aren’t truthful. 

But have you ever told someone something and regretted?Despite it being true?Well I have done this so many times and I always end up hurting myself and others.  Wishing I could shut my mouth and walked away for the moment to pass. Unfortunately once you’ve blurted out what you had to say you can’t take back your words,  and you have to live with it. This is why I don’t think it’s always appropriate to tell the truth, this is purely my opinion. Before you open your lips you need to take into account the audience to whom you are directing the information to. 

For instance, a lady you work with or you like walks in with a new hairstyle. The proper thing to do is to acknowledge that she has a new look whether you think it’s whack or hot.  There’s friend of mine,  a dude of course, he never comments on my look or any other female colleague until the end of the day, and even then he’ll only support what everyone else has said. I asked him why.  Apparently sometime back he happened to have teased a girl by asking what she had worn on her head.  He thought it was a joke but that’s how they became enemies. Also there’s no way I would tell my boss that, that thing she keeps wearing is soo shady instead I allow her to throw me shade,  because she’s the Boss. Got it??? 

It is acceptable to shield loved ones from the truth sometimes. OK so maybe most of the time. It is upto to you to know how much info you are going to share. Are they emotionally able to handle the truth? The most sensitive of truths are those related to couples and parents. Do not expect your truth to be received with open arms, if anything you may end up causing more harm to an already bad situation.

I have friends I can tell things to about their better halves and I won’t have to worry about. But most of the time you’ll be branded bitter, envious, devil’s advocate , the list is endless. The easy way out is always to look the other way and let them believe in their form of reality. Maybe, when the time is right and they have found out things by themselves you can come clean but not always. And in my defense, I will say this, we shall overcome. We have come too far to let things spill because of a silly step out, after all man is to err.

Methinks for a truth to set you free you must first feel and know you are not free. If you are in denial the truth will do you no good at all until you accept that what you know could be lies. Furthermore if am comfortable in my world why would I want to know the truth? Especially if I know the truth will not make any difference in my situation.

Parents are very trusting of the children, and my daughter is fond of telling her aunties that there’s nothing I’ll do to her even if they tell on her. Now, while this is not true because my daughter is just playing with their minds, most of the time I tend to take my daughter’s side for the simple reason that she’s mine. As parents we try so hard to gain our children’s trust that we are afraid to probe their truths. In so doing we start building an unhealthy fortress around us and by the time the truth hits home the ship is long gone.

Still there are truths that don’t add value. Like telling me that am  skinny, or thin or something like that. I already know that am skinny, am already struggling with it, in fact me and skinny are in a love hate relationship. One time am a Skinny Bitch(SB) and another moment am a victim of SBS(Skinny bitch syndrome). Am sure it’s the same with my sisters on the extreme end of thickness, instead just flatter us. I like this friend of mine who liked to call me model figure, that would light my face up as a young girl. 

I believe in half truths  and truths that will build a person, a relationship or a business. If it’s purpose to bring someone down or depress then I’d rather hold my peace. Another thing you don’t just blurt out the truth, you need to learn the art of framing. Choose your words carefully, pick the right time and place.

Someone tell Sandbaby.

I feel like crying or locking myself in, in a soundproof room right about now. Actually, I should have done that yesterday but just like today I cannot do that. Am not depressed or stressed, am just a tired working mother.

I don’t know what has happened at the office but there is no single day that we leave early. It makes no sense really that I always leave the office at say 6.00 or thereabouts to go home which is about an hour away. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about that, it’s an observation. I know some of you probably stay at work till late in the night, because you have work to do, which makes a lot of sense. Now that’s the difference between you and me, I spend an extra hour or hours in the office doing almost nothing really. This is an issue am struggling to sort out with both my peers and my superiors.

So back to why I feel like shouting . The other night I didn’t sleep well, I was unwell. In fact my not so close friend insomnia passed by and I had to pick a book and read. Had a coughing bout and a blocked nose with no medication, an accidental this was. I finally dozed off at about 4.00 in the morning. No sooner had I closed my eyes did Sandbaby wake up to go to poop. Those of you who have a child or children know that this may well be followed by fetching drinking water or silly hunger pangs. Then we went to sleep. I swear I hadn’t even closed my eyes (that’s my story) when I heard my sister wake me up. I felt so cheated, like how? Kwani how many hours does a night have? I dragged myself and my daughter out of bed. Rushed through my routine like Lazy Mary from the nursery rhyme ,dragged from bed. I went to work grudgingly and I was actually worrying that I might doze off on duty.

Today being a Saturday, I had hoped to indulge myself and sneak an extra hour of sleep as compensation for last night and indeed I was on course. The weather at the coast is so conducive, very cold by our standards, at about 23-25°c. I was all cuddled in my bedding with my alarm on snooze mode.  Until she woke me up. Yes, you guessed right. Sandbaby woke me up so she could go to the toilet. Then she brought her homework to bed so we could go through it. All this time am thinking, “I want to sleep. I need to sleep. Why can’t you sleep like other children?”  

I wished somebody could tell this little girl that it was only Saturday and her homework was due Monday. Which means she can show it to mummy either Saturday night or any other time on Sunday but not this morning.  I wished she could sleep in a bit late because days are coming when she will need to wake up at 4.00am in the morning. Of course it is adorable and even admirable that she wakes up thinking of her unfinished homework, but at 5.00am on Saturday? Lord have mercy on me and do send someone to talk to Sandbaby.

Study tips

How do you get  ahead? For you to pursue your chosen profession or career you must first pass the national examinations so as to secure a place in the university or college. While passing is relative, the entry points or grades are usually preset by the institutions of higher learning depending on the level, whether it’s a certificate, diploma, undergraduate and so on.  To achieve this pass mark there’s need for you to come up with a study regimen. The following are some study tips that you may pick from:-

  1. Place – You need to study in a conducive environment in terms of posture and noise levels. While some people can comfortably study on a couch others can only concentrate on a reading table. Personally, I concentrate more with background sounds but I know most people prefer a quiet place for studies, and this is most advised.
  2. Time- Everyone has a time of the day when their brain grasps or absorbs knowledge. For most people it means waking up at 3.00am in the morning but some of us we prefer staying up late. You need to identify your ideal study time and optimise on it.
  3. Schedule- Come up with a study time table making sure to slot all subjects in. Give prime time to subjects that need more concentration, work and attention. For example, I like to slot in mathematical subjects whenever am studying theoretical subjects like geography and history. 
  4. Study Every day- The old saying that practice makes perfect has time and again been proved right. Excellence is not an event it’s a process, therefore you need to make sure you study every single day even on Sunday. And no it doesn’t mean there’s no play orno going to worship, spare an hour or two.
  5. Design a study style- This is a very important step to do. It is advisable to make short notes when revising so that you can use them as quick reference to jog your memory without having to reread everything. You can even  come up with acronyms and abbreviations of your own to save on time. Remember that you are making notes and not rewriting or copying out the notes.
  6. Ask for help-  If and whenever stuck you should ask for assistance. In fact you should belong to a study group to take advantage of group member’s strengths and knowledge. Be ready to share what you know with the group because as you do so you cement your knowledge.
  7. Take care of yourself- Studying doesn’t have to be a boring affair. Take commercial breaks, grab a snack or space it in with an activity of choice.

    Get creative and keep your eyes on the goal. Do not by any means be limited my the points outlined above but go beyond and discover your own unique style. 

    Akinyi, The Banker.

    Busy Working? Or busy being busy?

    Have you ever measured your busy-iness? Like if someone wanted to pay you, can you quantify your busy-iness? There’s this lady who used to be my boss, okay she still is my boss but at a much higher level, she would ask us to assess whether what we did was an activity or productivity. In fact when she first came to our branch on her promotion she made everyone account for their time from 8.00am to 5.00pm when they left the office. I think it was called an events log.Then, it seemed an uphill and an unnecessary task.

    In hindsight I realise how goal oriented and focused she has always been on efficiency and productivity levels. She was able to reassign resources where they were needed more without having joy  riders living off other peoples’ hard work.

    Most of us have perfected the art of being busy. Yes an art. You see you can either be busy or seem busy, yet at both instances we would say you are busy. I was never one to look busy, okay so maybe I was subconsciously, but I had to learn the art of being busy much later as an adult. Two years into my new  job, we got a new lady boss who was our supervisor. To put it mildly, this lady was big on delegation, to the extent that you ended up doing her work as she went to take the afternoon nap. I don’t mind working in fact I thrive on working under pressure but to be mis-used isn’t my cup of tea. Actually I don’t mind being used and I probably use people as well, but there’s something called being grateful. Gosh! This woman was so ungrateful, yaani she was the reason behind the coining of the word ingrate. She dumps a job on you, doesn’t bother to train and then comes to only tell you how clumsy your work is. Enhe! After a series of these episodes I gave up. Me and kissing this ass weren’t made for each other, and here my journey into mediocrity started.

    I learnt how to be busy such that at any one time there was no room for dumping extra work. At exactly 10.00am I would get all the files out and place them on my desk, then get my registers and lots of papers to go with the files. If that wasn’t enough I had to hone me some acting skills,  the art of looking busy. If you came to the office those days you would think I was being overworked while in real sense I was bored stiff. Sullen, forlorn, morose and such were the words that would have best described the look I wore most of the time. This ensured I was unapproachable as a dumping site. 

    Now, they say set a thief to catch a thief. Some times last year I got a chance to be in charge of a few of my colleagues, there was one young man who was notorious for looking busy. Unfortunately for him he had not mastered the art because at any one time he had pending and shoddily done jobs. Even in your pursuit to dissuade dumpers you should not be derailed so as to abandon your core job. Let your work affirm your busyness and not the other way round.

    Looking busy can be exhausting and in reality a waste of precious time unless you are trying to prove a point as I was. There are people who will look busy just to avoid doing a job that is shared. Take for example where I work. I finish my work pretty early and end up doing some close of business summaries because some colleagues decide to play busy. What amuses me is that in their pursuit to look busy they actually get in trouble and I come out tops. I have learnt to filter the whining and the negative energy so I can forge ahead. You see playing busy sucks energy out of you, and the gloomy look always catches up with you. This will lead to you being careless and depressed by your work. 

    “We are what we repeatedly do”~~~Aristotle.

    Chose to rise above mediocrity and unproductive busyness, let your output justify your input. If necessary change departments and this is exactly what I did. I chose not to fight or insubordinate my boss, not to build on the resentment but instead reduce our interactions to the bare minimum.

    Sandbaby Chronicles 2017

    This is a collection of things my daughter tells me that I find ridiculous, funny, intelligent or just interesting. I do hope to capture the moments though I can not capture her expressions or emotions. Enjoy your reading .

    Her: Mom,  am scared of the teachers in our school.

    Me: Why? 

    Her: When they stare at me I get scared. 

    Me: Why do they stare at you? 

    Her: Because am cute. They like my chubby cheeks.

    Me: (Speechless)

    Her: In school I have polluted. 


    Her: My stomach is paining I pollute,  is paining I pollute,  is paining I pollute. Why? 

    Me: I don’t know 

    Her: If some people pollute they feel weak? (shake my head) strong? (nod my head) 

    We need to change the subject!!!! 

    Me : So why do you like doing things that upset me? 

    Her:Because….somebody in my mind is tell me, “make your mummy beat you” all the time. Even when am sleeping she tells me that.

    Me: 🙆 Eti? 

    Her: Yes. An invisible person. Mum help me to stop her in my head. 

    Her: Today is P.E


     Her: I don’t like P.E but .(Don’t mind the grammar,that’s how she talks)

    Me:Why don’t you like P.E?You like playing.

    Her: Yes we play but P.E I don’t like. I fall, I fall. Many times I fall.

    Her: Do you know Joppa?

    Me: Yes. The one in the Bible.

    Her: Do you also know that Tabitha is Dorcas?

    Me:Yes I do.

    Her: But Joppa is not here it’s in the Bible you know.

    Me: silent, deep thoughts on what’s coming next.

    Her: You need to read the Bible so you can tell me the stories. New Stories not old stories.

    Her:Do you know how to bake cake?


    Her: Mom, you need to learn how to cook snacks. Even nani’s mum knows. Learn how to make samosas then, it’s easy.

    Me: (tongue in cheek) Okay.

    Her: Mom, you you need to exercise.

    Me: Why? (Am already skinny duh!)

    Her: So you can be strong like boys.

    Me: But am already strong, I carry you to bed everyday.

    Her: Not strong like  that. Strong like boys so you can protect me.

    These  little beings can be very trying and getting the right response may prove to be tricky.  It gets even more difficult if you are raising your child in a liberal way, where you hold conversations on everything. Oh how I wish I could go old school but hey if I did that they I wouldn’t have this collection.